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Payment Difficulties

PayPlan customer stories

Having debts is a lot more common that you might think, and it’s easier to fix than you might think too. Debt advice from PayPlan can help you.

‘What I thought was going to be an intrusive experience was anything but. The process was simple and explained all the way. A great weight off. I would recommend PayPlan to anyone.’

With the ‘cost of living’ crisis adding extra pressure to your finances, PayPlan can offer advice to anyone who may be struggling to manage their finances and keep up with debt repayments. An impartial, friendly team with over 30 years’ experience will listen with empathy, compassion, and respect. Plus, they’ll give you a clear idea of what your options are based on your specific needs.

We have referred over 1,400 customers to PayPlan in 2022

Read some of their stories below and find out how PayPlan helped them to manage their specific challenges.

PayPlan Stories

  • Story 1: PayPlan helped me by restructuring my unsecured debt repayments

  • Story 2: PayPlan helped me maximise my income and reduce my costs

  • Story 3: PayPlan helped me by contacting all my creditors

  • Story 4: PayPlan helped me to prioritise payments for the best outcome

  • Story 5: PayPlan helped me make payment arrangements with 16 different creditors

  • Story 6: PayPlan helped me to focus on payments towards our mortgage arrears

If you think debt support and advice from PayPlan could help you, visit

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