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Payment Difficulties

Frequently asked questions

Accessibility support

  • Can I make adjustments to the way the information is presented to me on your website?

  • Can I ask for information to be sent to me in a different format?

Bereavement support

  • I have suffered a bereavement and I’m not sure what to do now?

  • Will you need to see any documents?

  • The mortgage was in my partner/spouse’s name. What happens now?

  • Does that mean I will have to apply for a new mortgage?

  • I don’t have a broker, where can I find one?

  • What happens if the mortgage was a joint mortgage?

  • If I wanted to pay off the mortgage, would I have to pay an early redemption charge?

  • Will the mortgage still need to be paid whilst the financial arrangements are being resolved?

  • Can someone else contact you on my behalf?

  • What happens if the mortgage account is in arrears?

Critical illness support

  • I’ve been diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness, will I still have to pay my mortgage?

  • Will I have to prove that I have a terminal or critical illness?

  • I’ve had to give up work and now I’m worried about paying my mortgage.

  • My account is already in arrears. Will my home be repossessed?

  • What happens if repossession proceedings have already started?

  • I’m too ill to talk to anyone, can someone else contact you on my behalf?

Domestic or Financial abuse support

  • I’m suffering from financial abuse and I’m worried that I will fall behind with my mortgage payments – what can I do?

  • My mortgage is in my name only, can I have my post sent to a different address?

  • How will I know that this information won’t be communicated to my spouse/partner?

  • Can I have my post sent to a different address if my mortgage is a joint account?

  • Further help

English as a second language support

  • I don’t understand English very well, can someone speak to you on my behalf?

  • I can speak English, but I struggle to understand written English. How can you help?

  • Can I have written documentation translated before it is sent to me?

  • If one of your team speaks my language, can I speak to them?

Money worries support

  • Money worries

Neurodiversity support

  • What are examples of Neurodiverse conditions?

  • Does Neurodiversity include mental health conditions?

  • What should I do if I have a Neurodiverse condition?

  • Will I have to tell you this information every time I contact you?

  • Can someone else speak to you on my behalf?

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