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Why partner with Acenden?

Why partner with Acenden?

Located in London, Dublin and Maidenhead, Acenden is a leading full service, third party residential mortgage asset servicing company. In the last year we have more than doubled our assets under management to over £11 billion and 120,000 loans.

We have the critical mass and support and control functions that would normally be seen in larger financial institutions, giving us the capability and resource needed to deal with the largest and most demanding client requirements.

With extensive sector-specific expertise and knowledge, Acenden is focused on helping investors in residential mortgage portfolio as well as domestic lenders enter and operate effectively in the UK and Irish mortgage markets.  Acenden provides pre-acquisition consultancy; mortgage analytics and mortgage portfolio management services that help clients realise their commercial aims with full regulatory compliance. Whether it is insightful analysis, accurate data collection and reporting, or operational control, efficiency and scalability, Acenden provides world-class mortgage servicing solutions tailored to client requirements.

In the last year, we significantly increased our efficiencies and invested into new technologies. Following the integration into the wider Northview Group, Acenden has also relocated to new purpose-built offices in Maidenhead, which allow the business ample space to grow, as well as access to a wider pool of talent from which to recruit in the area.

Acenden is one of the most highly rated UK third party servicers and is fully dedicated to both its clients and customers. In 2015 Acenden achieved ServiceMark Accreditation by the Institute of Customer Service, an independent, professional membership body for customer service, and remains the only third party mortgage servicer to achieve this. 


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